Manufacturing Careers for Millennials

Modernizing manufacturing careers

Manufacturing Careers for Millennials

Modernizing manufacturing careers

Understanding the needs of a more tech-focused wave of workers

With a skilled workforce made up of baby boomers now getting ready to exit their manufacturing careers, companies need to attract a new generation of millennial workers to take their place. But, what will it take to win them over?

Manufacturers need to put in place a working environment that excites young workers. One that caters to this generation’s love of technology, while serving their social needs, and this is what many manufacturers don’t currently appear to have. 

Mobile Communication Tools in Manufacturing

Millennials are connected to everything and everyone, nearly all the time. Manufacturing companies that aren’t taking advantage of mobile technology, and are using old tools of the trade for hiring, onboarding, training and tasks are missing the first key to success. Modern tools are mobile-based and can provide everything a worker needs at their fingertips.

Some examples of this would be mobile-based communications apps, knowledge libraries and the ability to receive guidance and direction directly to a hand-held device. With front-line and shift workers, this also provides the capability to hand over valuable information at each shift change effortlessly.

Hand-held communication devices also provide ways to ensure compliance tracking and report incidents. Communicating without paperwork is expected from a generation that learned to type as naturally as handwriting.

Mobile devices are ubiquitous. They need to be embraced as part of the millennial’s workday.

Use of Technology in HR

Promoting manufacturing careers to millennials starts at the original point of contact. Embracing technology in the hiring process can go a long way. Or rather, not using modern HR technology can be detrimental to the number of applications you receive. 

This includes using digital marketing practices to promote your jobs and putting in place an applicant tracking system (ATS) that ensures a smooth process from start to finish. Conveying capabilities in this activity sets the tone for how you will engage with your millennial workforce. 

This extends to using mobile handheld devices for onboarding and training of new employees as well. 

Embracing a Modern Social Mindset for Millennial Workers

Millennial workers have grown up in a world where social responsibility is very important. While each individual takes this responsibility to a different degree, many millennials are attracted to career choices that have a focus on sustainability. Millennial workers need to feel they are part of something bigger. Many manufacturing careers combine both sustainability and technology and this appeals to the millennial worker. 

Look for ways that you can demonstrate your part in a better world, whether it’s through your products or through your operations. 

Have a Clean, Green and High-Tech Work Environment

Shake off the notion that jobs in manufacturing are dirty or dangerous, and show your work environment to be clean, green, high-tech and safe. Millennial workers are looking for workplaces to offer training, opportunities for advancement, flexibility, benefits and security. Showing young people what you can offer in this regard, as well as a safe, clean workplace can help you attract motivated, focused talent.

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