Shipping/Receiving (Material Handler)

Position: Shipping/Receiving (Material Handler)

Reports to:  Shipping and Receiving Group Leader


Job Brief

To control the shipping of all products from IAI. To control the handling, inspection and storage of all manufactured machined components received within IAI.



Shipping Job Duties

  • Controls the shipment of all outgoing manufactured machined components safely
  • Uses information from part drawing to create a packing slip and arranges for the appropriate method of transportation
  • Ensures each oversized plate or frame is labelled clearly with the correct finish
  • Responsible for safe handling of all outgoing shipments and items are secured to pallet for transportation


Receiving Job Duties

  • Controls the receipt of all incoming manufactured machined components from external suppliers and internal machine shop
  • Ensures each manufactured machined component has a drawing
  • Ensures each machined component is engrave with the correct project #, and detail #
  • Inspects all incoming machining for visual damage and sharp edges
  • Verifies all incoming products to accompanying packing slip bearing:
    • Subcontractor name
    • PO # as applicable
    • Project # as applicable
    • Quantity of product shipped
    • Product description
    • Verifies the packing slip corresponds with purchase order and material received.
  • Attached scanned packing slip to ProPurchase Receiving to P.O.
  • Ensures each drawing required for a finishing treatment is scanned using barcode scanner to create P.O. and place part into corresponding finish treatment bin
  • Attaches a label/tape with project # and finish to each oversized plate or frame if the product has passed the above verification. Otherwise a red sticker is attached and goods are placed on the shelf for nonconforming material and a non-conformance is logged using Quality Workbench.
  • Stores the product in the appropriate location
  • Responsible for the safe handling of all incoming products


Kitting Duties

  • Controls the accuracy of supplier due dates, contact suppliers when needed
  • Ensures all received purchased and machined components are checked in on the bill of materials in the corresponding project binder
  • Ensures all checked in material is put into correct labeled assembly boxes on project cart
  • Responsible for delivering oversized items to designated project build space on shop floor once above procedures are complete

Maintenance Job Duties

  • Collects all waste, organic waste and recyclables from shop, and all organic waste and recyclables from office (office cleaners responsible for deskside waste and recycling bins)
    • Waste-sent curbside weekly, Large waste items to bin for pickup on call
    • Pop Cans and Rigid plastic recyclables curbside weekly
    • Cardboard to baler, 2 bales fit in Wasteco cardboard bin for pickup on call
    • Fine paper from offices, and all paper to Wasteco paper bins for pickup weekly
    • Plastic wrapping, including bubble wrap, from shop containers to large bin beside baler, to clear plastic bag for pickup weekly
    • Organic waste from office and lunchroom to large bins outside for pickup weekly
    • Metal Recycling bin on call
  • Maintenance of shop
    • Daily sweeping of floors in entire shop area
    • Regular cleaning of floors using power cleaner
    • Daily inspection of forklift using checklist
    • Monthly inspection of exit lights, fire extinguishers, etc. using checklist
      • Change batteries and bulbs as required
    • Regular maintenance of water coolers and water tray under lunch cooler
    • Regular cleaning of stainless steel sinks


  • Pickups of various items using IAI pickup truck within Barrie and GTA (valid class G licence required)

Relationship Management

  • Work in conjunction with all Innovators in a respectful and inclusive manner
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with prospective and existing customers and suppliers

Health and Safety Responsibilities

Workers have a general duty to protect their own health and safety and that of others around them.  Workers must:

  • Work in compliance to the Act and Regulations
  • Use or wear any equipment, protective devices or clothing required by the employer
  • Not move or make ineffective any protective devices or clothing required by the employer
  • Report to the employer or supervisor any known hazards or missing or defective equipment or protective devices
  • Report any known violation of the Act or regulations to the employer or supervisor

Workers should be proactive about health and safety.  That means that workers must not only comply with the law, the employer’s policies and workplace procedures, but they should also make suggestions to improve health and safety.  Workers may also bring health and safety concerns and suggestions directly to the Joint Health and Safety Representative (Members names are listed on the Health and Safety Bulletin Board)


Key Technical Skills and Knowledge

  • MS Office Software (Word, Excel)
  • Computer skills


  • Minimum Gr. 12 or Equivalent
  • Minimum 2 Years’ Experience in a shipping/receiving role


Characteristics of an Innovator

  • Accountable
  • Passionate
  • Driven
  • Confident
  • Problem Solver
  • Respectful


Physical Demands

This position may require constant walking, as well as frequent crouching, kneeling and twisting.  Working as the Shipping and Receiving Material Handler may require frequent cervical flexion, the chin to chest movement, as well as frequent rotation. Maximum lifting weight can reach about 50lbs, maximum carrying weight is about 40lbs and the maximum pushing and pulling weights can reach 100-150lbs. Frequent forward, above shoulder, and lateral reach may be required, as well as frequent grasping and handling. Frequent driving is necessary for this position. Working in this position requires a strong ability to work alone and self-supervise as well as the ability to supervise others. It also requires the ability to handle attention to detail, tight deadlines, responsibility and accountability and the ability to multi-task.

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Innovative Automation welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.