Local News: Innovative Automation, Growing Locally and Globally

Local News: Innovative Automation, Growing Locally and Globally

Electrical Industry Interview Steve Loftus

Electrical Industry Canada interviewed Innovative Automation’s President and co-founder Steve Loftus about himself, the company and what continues to drive its success.

When asked about himself, Loftus said, “One of my key roles as President is to set the vision for Innovative Automation. I am passionate about learning and encouraging young people to be the best they can be, so I encourage my employees to grow, both at work and in the community.  I am a hands-on leader, and try to lead by example.”

Innovative Automation’s future has always been closely tied to its customer’s success, Loftus says “We work closely with our customers to build equipment that captures both their current and future needs while keeping the total cost of ownership low.  We build our business by building long-lasting relationships.”

One of the factors that has always set Innovative Automation apart is its focus on its employee’s growth and continuation of their skills.

“Innovative has always been a company that will lead with technology. We have a vision for the future that involves investing in employees and continuously improving. […] Innovative has always encouraged our team to “think outside the box” to generate new cost-effective methods to apply the latest technologies. We also believe in “growing our own” employees, developing the skills of our young workers to where they need to be, instead of waiting for someone else to supply trained skilled labour.”

Read more of this insightful interview with EI and Steve Loftus on the Electrical Industry website.

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